Last Update: Thu, 4 Sep 2014

Presidential File

Presidential File

September 2014

Hi Members,

Well another year for the club is off and running. As you will all see, the main committee has not changed, but we have a few new members taking on a lot of the other committee positions - which is good to see.

It’s not long now and some of us will be off to the Monaro Nationals in South Australia. I am looking forward to the trip down to the Barossa and back almost as much as the whole Nats event itself.

As you would all be aware, Cruzetime has been run and done, and it looks like we made a little bit of profit and will be able to make donations to some charities.

We have changed the Kids and Adults Christmas Parties a bit for this year. The Kids Party will be included in with the November Club Outing and the Adults Christmas Party and Awards Presentation will probably be a day run, all the info will be published in the club magazine.

Drive safe,

Craig Kene
Club President

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