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Presidential File

Presidential File

June 2018

Hi Members,

Only days before the mighty first Monaro run was streaming down the production line, the Australian public had the privilege to drive the HR, and before that the HD run of Holdens. They were never produced as two-doors, but you can picture the possible lines, large front door, and sloping ‘C’ pillar of what might have been.

It was a big jump from the square-ish HR to the more rounded and much larger HK series, but the General must have done their research. The public loved the new model and the option of V8s as an additional choice. The standard features and array of options was a massive change from the HD, HR series cars and the tone had been set for all cars in the future.

It was awesome to have the privilege of the HD, HR Clubs join us on our last Club run to Bribie Island. Not only were the numbers high, but the camaraderie and new relationships formed and enhanced were the order of the day. A good bunch of nice people with a passion for cars at a great venue and perfect weather. One of the best club trailers, built by members, operated by volunteers, for all of us to enjoy was the highlight for me. It seems that all the effort put in by a special group of people makes everyone have a great day. Thank you all. Life is good!

We have another opportunity to share in each other’s company at the Presidents Day shortly. Not to be missed. The Club puts up the grub for those who are financial members and I get to thank the amazing bunch of dedicated volunteers.

If you haven’t taken that car out for a while, or you crave the company of easy-to-get-on-with car lovers, join us and discover one of life’s little pleasures. I do not possess a photographic memory, nor an amazing name recognition capability, if I look a little blank when we pass, just say hello and I will have a yarn.

We have an amazing donation from Bartons Holden at Capalaba, and you have the last chance of winning this collector’s item at the next Club cruise on Sundy, 17th of June. Support the Club and you can win! How good is that?

Remember that Club meetings actually give you a chance to catch up, chew the fat, find out what’s going on and, most importantly, have your say. Members are the Monaro Club of Queensland. Your Club. Your decisions.

Rod Boyle
Club President


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