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Presidential File

Presidential File

April 2018

Hi Members,

It was great cruising to Ballina on the last club run. Great location with good people and nice food to boot. I particularly enjoy the family feel to our club. All the couples and kids joining in and having a laugh together.

I have to take the time to make a special thankyou mention to Craig, Robin, James, Tammy and all others involved in catering last run. Our club trailer is awesome but more importantly are the volunteers that get in and give their time. Great club pictures also E.J. Love your work!Look inside your club magazine or web page for details on the next club run. It should be great!

I find it particularly satisfying to meet new members and view different cars. In addition, I love seeing the changes members make to their pride and joy. Everyone is different, but I personally enjoy improving my ride. Safety is paramount, as is comfort. Like a good home, character is ultra-important and for me, variety rules. We all have our preferences, but I just love cars! I am excited about engineering, fabrication, ergonomics and special features. I don’t need 1000 hp to be blown away. A fully restored, unmodified classic will do it for me, as much as a fully modified, one-off beast. I am impressed by rat rods and unrestored survivors alike. It is hard to turn down a modern Monaro’s easy drivability, but there is no better feeling than a 60s or 70s muscle ride. Give me one of everything and I’d be a happy camper.

Next time we meet, take the time to show someone else your latest modification or restoration point and enjoy the conversation that ensues after. If you haven’t changed anything, tell someone your future plans. If you think you are finished building the car, tell someone about your next dream-ride or ask them about theirs. If you don’t feel like bragging, and are not sure how people will take it, tell me. I am interested.

Organisation of the “Tasmanian Monaro Nationals” is in full swing and you still have time to join in if you are yet undecided. Ask Craig, John or Darryl for some information or just google it. The ultimate cruise.

If you have not attended a club meeting for some time, come along and have a yarn with some fellow enthusiasts. Remember, we do have incentives to attend all Monaro Club of Qld functions, just turn up as a member and your name is in the annual draw. For me, the people make the cars interesting. That’s you.

I hope you can all join us.

Rod Boyle
Club President

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