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Presidential File

Presidential File

April 2014

Hi Members,

Well - we had another stinking hot day on our run to The Big Pineapple! You wouldn’t think you could get two hot runs in a row. It was good to see so many cars and people, at this our first 2014 Pointscore. Michael got us away from Nudgee, and up to the Big Pineapple. The line of cars up the highway looked fantastic.

It was great to see Corey Lawson’s Dad Mick in his VH Group 3 Brock Commodore call in, plus other Sunshine Coast People. Mick has been running a Fundraising Car Show in memory of his son for years now, raising money for kids with cancer.

Some people dined in the Big Pineapple, and others elected to try and beat the heat and head for a cooler location for lunch. Some had a BBQ lunch at the venue.

Unfortunately, the traffic on the way home was really heavy; so most of us got stuck in it and arrived home quite late. We did however; have a great scenic drive home through the Mountains led by Darryl.

As some of you might now know, Claude Wright, our Vice President, has some health concerns so to Claude, Karen and his extended family, our thoughts are with you all. It is at times like these that you realise that the petty day to day things that we all at times focus on and get upset about, are really very insignificant when it comes down to what’s really important.

And lastly, as James Meale wrote spot on in the March Magazine, we are just a car club at the end of the day - we’re all here just for fun.

Drive safe,

Craig Kene
Club President

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