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Presidential File

Presidential File

February 2019

Hi Members,

Well guys, it seems like forever since we have had a newsletter, but with the Tassie Monaro Nationals and the usual no newsletter in January, time has flown by. I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas and New Years.

Now for our year to kick off, John has put together some very nice runs for us this year. For the first one, we are going to Kalbar for the day. Should be a nice drive.

Also, for something different, the Club Pointscores will be changed to a pop-up Pointscore system, so we will not be advertising which runs are them - just seeing who and how many cars turn up on the day. We are just trying something different  to change things up a bit.

If anyone has an idea for a Club run, or something you would like to be done different on the club runs, then please let John know.

A few of us have been going out for some night time Cruises on Friday or Saturday nights, so if any of you have any places to go to, then let me know.

Okay then. Hope to see you all at the next club run.

Craig Keene
Club President


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