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Presidential File

Presidential File

August 2015

Hi Members,

I can’t believe it’s the end of another Club year. So much has happened so quickly, you almost don’t know where it went. One of the best things that happened was going to the Barossa Valley for the Monaro Nats, and the great turn out from our Club. I for one can’t wait for next year, and the 2016 Monaro Nats in NSW. It also would be good to have as many cars from our Club as we can attend the event

Our last outing was Prez Day, and at this one we gave out the Pointscore trophies as an alternative to doing it at out Christmas Party. I think it went over well, and a few people got a bit of a surprise when they were awarded Club Member of the Year - John and Linda Gladstone, and Prez choice Bob and Narrelle Corbett, these people are well deserving of these awards.

By the time most of you read this we would of had our AGM, and your new committee has been elected. To the outgoing committee, thank you for the great job you have done for your Club and its members, you should be proud that you have left the Club in such good financial shape. To all of the Club members, thank you for all the support and hard work that you have done for your Club and committee this year.

As I have always said, being President is not about being the boss, it’s not my way or the highway, or worrying about yourself and your close friends. Its about making sure the majority of members who want to do stuff with the Club are well looked after and get the best from yourself, so that you can give to them.

Drive safe,

Craig Kene
Club President

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