Last Update: Wed, 2 Nov 2016

Presidential File

Presidential File

November 2016

Well - the NSW Monaro Nationals are done and dusted for 2016, with all of our members that attended having a great time. I have been talking to a few people who went down, and it seams that we came away with a few awards. Congratulations to all who picked up a trophy.

It has also been confirmed that Tassie will be hosting the 2018 Monaro Nats, I will definitely be going to that one. Also, Victoria will be hosting the 2020 Monaro Nats.

We had our last outing down to Currumbin while everyone was in NSW, I think there was about 10 cars in total, but all in all we had a nice day out. I hope to see you all at our next club run.

Drive safe,

Craig Kene
Club President

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