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Outings Report

Outings Report

September Club Outing: Laidley Spring Festival

After a lot of emails to the organisers, we finally got there.

Heading out to our meeting point at Maccas Goodna, it was pretty overcast. Once ready for the run out to Laidley, we had 5 cars ready to roll. Yes - it did pour down on the way out and the Torana’s wipers aren’t the best at moving across the windscreen - I think a snail might move faster. Lucky for Rain-X!

Parking at the show and shine grounds, we had another two club cars meet us there. With the rain stopping and plenty of black clouds up there, we looked at each other wondering who’s going to start drying off their car first. I think Bailey started first on Craig’s 57 Chev. For the rest of the day, it didn’t rain again - plenty of rain clouds went around but the sun shone on us.

The street parade was interesting and fun with what the locals had dragged out of their sheds for the day. Everyone who went enjoyed looking around the main street and markets set up everywhere. There was plenty to see and do including listening to the bands play in the park.

There was no shortage of food to pick from whether it was the pub, a food van in the park or bakery up the main street that had some of the best pies around. After that we ended setting up our chairs in the creek bed, which got a few comments from the passing crowd before we packed up and headed for home.

Thanks to those who came out for the day, look forwards to seeing you all for the next month’s run down to Kingscliff starting off at NAPA Moss street Slacks Creek.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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