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Outings Report

Outings Report

June Club Outing: NAPA to Beaudesert

After Shane informed us that there was a big Kite fest up at Redcliffe, we had a rethink of where to head. We meet at NAPA where the coffee van was set up.

The weather wasn’t great with rain forecast during the day. In the end we headed for Beaudesert after some ideas where thrown around the carpark. Around 22 cars were ready to roll with rain falling not long after we left NAPA.

Two cars headed for home for lack of wipers, and lack of tyre grip in the wet.

We passed what was left of a small red sports car along the way, with its rear end pushed into the back wheel.

By the time we arrived in Beaudesert, the rain had stopped and another few cars were waiting for us at the park. Deciding not to worry about a club BBQ, we all took off into town to see what was going on and find a café for breakfast and morning tea while Craig found the RSL which most of us later on went to for lunch. Great food if you are in Beaudesert some time.

After lunch we headed back to our cars, said our good byes and headed for home - without the rain this time.

It was good to see the cars out of the sheds even with the rain forecast.

The next Club Outing is to Wivenhoe Dam for President’s Day on Sunday July 14th. Then the following weekend it’s off to Warwick for the Jumpers & Jazz festival.

ee you all then, polish those cars up!.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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