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Outings Report

Outings Report

March Club Outing: Pointscore Round 1: Big Pineapple

Another fine hot day - looking forward to cooler weather when driving a car without air-conditioning isn’t such a chore. The flip side is they’re our club cars and we don’t drive them all the time - and they are Monaro’s, Statesman’s and Stalker - legendary GMH products. So is it that bad really? Anyway that’s enough out of me, if there’s one thing I have learnt - you can’t please everyone all the time.

We started out from the Nudgee Shell just after 8.30, we had well over 35 club cars which meant it took a long time to get everyone on the road. I could see all the headlights into the distance, so felt confident we would all arrive there at the same time. At Caboolture Des and Karen joined in with another Monaro, myself and photo hound Andrew Wilson took a few shots. When we were almost there the Stalker appeared and I knew it would be a thrilling day.

Anyway the first group of 6 cars arrived with me, so I ran up to the highway and noticed that the main group where filing like an ant trial into the wrong carpark. So I fixed that situation and stayed out on the highway till they were all inside, all good back on track. Bob and Narelle made it after a night in the city, even Deb and Craig McManus made it, they are always good to talk to. In total my count was 43 club cars for the day, a great number thanks to all the members who made the effort. This was well up on the Hinze Dam Run, obviously there is no club without the commitment members that attend, so big thanks to you and your partners.

Soon we were all parked diagonally in the carpark with the shade of the main complex providing some welcome relief from the heat, I was out in the sun selling regalia and had quite a good day actually - selling about $200 worth. I took a call from Charlie Bloomer explaining his HK had broken it throttle cable, but he still came at about noon in his EH - that to me is this month’s commitment story - well done mate! The Big Pineapple - like many of our once favoured icons - was a shadow of it former self, much like GMH in recent times. A group of about 20 ended up settling for a bit on the veranda facing the remnants of the plantation, there was plenty of tables everyone was welcome. Michele and I enjoyed some Mango Smoothies while the rest of the club congregated around the back near the BBQ being put on by the Big Pineapple, I thought I spotted some very tall beer glasses out the back - probably stein glasses - that looked like fun too. The Train ride was still working and a few members took a ride, it was $3 around the plantation. Apparently they are relocating to Alma Park Zoo, or part of it anyway. A lot of people didn’t stay for lunch, I guess it’s a sign of the times. As Charlie said, whatever happened to catching up, swapping tales and just chilling together - I feel that did happen on some level though. I guess it was just a really hot day, and as I pointed out before, we are all looking forward to cooler weather.

The group I sat with had a pretty good time, I hope the other group had a great time as well. I guess a lot of the more experienced members knew what the traffic was going to be like and took of early. Myself, Michele and Tanya, Len and Tina ended up going home through Maleny down the tourist drive and re-joined at Steve Irwin way to the Bruce Highway, the view from the range is just awesome, a great part of the world with nice places to go if you’re not on a budget - or only a couple a cars. Traffic was slow, but in a few minutes we were cruising along okay. All in all a pretty good and different day out, the staff at the Big Pineapple were very friendly, and actually fun to talk too. They also announced our arrival, so we had people coming down to check out our pride and joys.

We arrived home around 4.00 I had a well-earned Crownie and Michele her favourite Strongbow Cider. I rang Brendon the GM from the Big Pineapple and thanked him and his staff for their effort on the day, as they usually don’t do the BBQ. My steak was great by the way, just not enough. If I had any criticism and maybe some chips might have been nice.   

I would like hope that everyone has a Happy Easter and hope to see as many of you next run; as I always say now your club is what you make it - so get into it.

Cheers for now,

Michael Robertson
Outings Organiser

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