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Outings Report

Outings Report

September Club Outing: Laidley Town Visit

The day for the cruise out to Laidley was a warm one - and we haven’t reached summer yet. By 8.30 we had 18 cars ready to head off. We don’t have break downs very often, but today it was Layne’s turn with an alternator that gave up on him. The rest of us made it out, and parked just off the main street in a park.

eter James towed the new club BBQ trailer out. Credit goes to Craig and Peter for the amount of their own time that would have gone into building it. Everything from a kitchen for your hot drinks to slide out BBQ’s (Yep, no more back breaking work we had with the old BBQ ha, ha) - and a home for every item. Everyone loved the it, and I can’t think of anything they have missed. While quite a few people headed up the main street for a look in the shops, the Pointscoring got underway.

Unfortunately Steve’s CV8 had a falling branch land on the roof, putting a dent in it. Should be able to have it pushed out.

After lunch a chat and packing up, a group of ten cars headed off back through Rosewood and Amberley, which was good looking at the scenery. Thanks for those that helped out on the day. See you all on the next run up to Woodypoint on Sunday October 15th..

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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