Last Update: Mon, 20 Oct 2014

Outings Report

Outings Report

September Club Outing: Pointscore 3: Kingscliffe

Meeting at the Hyperdome at 8:00am to a beautiful day, we all had clean cars for Pointscore and were all ready to go to Kingscliffe.

As 8:30am rolled around we headed out with 28 cars moving south with a nice cruise pace of 90kmh. We picked up a new member in a GTO as we drove passed Nerang and they slipped into the procession. We headed through Kingscliffe, turning a few heads on the way, then we arrived at the Ed Parker Rotary Park on the river. We set up the kettles for coffee, tea and some cakes.

Lunch was a bit slow going, due to the wind taking the heat off the plate, but it finally got there. With all the good stuff cooking the salads were done and then it was time to eat - and as usual it was excellent cooking by the chefs. So while everyone chilled out at the park and pointscored the cars it was soon time to leave. Heading home we were in a group of 6 cars and it was a nice cruise home.

See ya at the next outing!

Steve McLuckie
Outings Coordinator

PS. If you want to go cruising on the weekend we go to Morayfield on the first Saturday of the month - usually - and Harry’s or munchies at other times. Give us a call and we can meet up somewhere along the road and cruise up together as a club.

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