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Outings Report

Outings Report

October Club Outing: 2016 Monaro Nationals: Penrith

We all had a good trip down to Penrith, with only a couple of minor problems with a few cars. Nothing that stopped the mighty Monaro’s from arriving safely!

Thursday was spent having the cars cleaned, and then enjoying a few drinks to start off the nationals weekend for 2016.

On Friday morning everyone made their way to scrutineering, where the NSW club had arranged a BBQ for the entrants. The scrutineering bay’s for each model were well set up and undercover. A lot of us parked in the centre of the paceway and enjoyed watching all the Monaro’s arriving. The Meet and Greet was also held there on Friday evening, with fish ‘n chips and pizza served up. A live band supplied the music and John McCoy-Lancaster did a fantastic job as MC for the weekend.

Saturday was already warm and sunny as we all entered the centre of the paceway for the Show and Shine. After a final clean of the car we made our way over to the BBQ breakfast set up by NSW club. It was a great view from the grandstand looking out over the field. The class of Monaro’s on show was excellent, and a fitting tribute to celebrate the HX LE 40th anniversary. There were plenty of LE’s in attendance as well, with about 15 examples, including the first LE prototype.

At any point during the day there were 30 to 40 additional Monaro’s parked at the end of the field, coming along to take in the show. A lot of the ladies also went to treat themselves to the High Tea to help fill in the day.

With the Show and Shine done, most of the Queensland contingent made their way to the Trivia Night on Saturday evening. It was a great night, with a lot of laughs.

On Sunday there was the Go Kart and drive events during the day, followed by the Presentation Dinner on the Sunday night. It was a great night with guest speakers Noel Bedford - the man who named the Monaro back in 1967 while holidaying in the Coma NSW area (Seeing a sign on the local Council offices which said ‘Monaro Country Council’ and thought to himself that’s it! MONARO it is!). Former GMH design boss and father of the LE, Leo Pruneau, spoke about the creation of the LE. Both of these guy’s had everyone wanting to hear more. It was the highlight of the evening for me, and most likely everyone else. The trophies were presented during the evening with seven Queensland Club members receiving trophies, and two former Queensland Club members also receiving trophies.

Monday there was the farewell drive, BBQ and speeches.

Overall the 2017 Monaro Nationals was a great weekend. Thank you to all who had put their heart and soul into making us out-of-towners feel welcome..

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator


October Club Outing: Currumbin

Meeting at the Hyperdome outside Myer, in the carpark someone commented that due to the Nationals being held in Sydney Craig would be happy with a quota of six cars, and happy to say we achieved our goal and a few extra. 

Ken was a little disappointed on the CV8 turnout being the only one holding up the team, but luckily Karen met us down at Currumbin just as lunch was being served.

It was a pleasant drive down to Currumbin, always a great drive down to the south coast. If you didn’t go and you could have a really great day was missed by you.  Our little 6 month old puppy even came along for the day it’s just a shame she had to stay on the lead.

One of our members was asked by a lady passing by to take a photo of his HK-T-G as her father had one exactly the same colour when she was younger and part of the number plate was her name.

We had the usual cakes for morning tea and lunch provided for us in our small but mighty numbers.  We had about 16 club members in attendance and gained a potential new member also who happened to be visiting the park the same day.

Until next run - keep on cruising!

Leanne McLukie
Treasurer and Run Participant


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