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Outings Report

Outings Report

July Club Outing: Jumpers & Jazz: Warwick

Well it is August already, this month we’re at Marburg on the 10th and then on Wednesday the 13th we will be voting ourselves a 2014-2015 committee, so it’s a big month.

The of morning of the July outing was very cool clear, and especially crisp. After a coffee and breakfast at McDonald’s, we were on our way just after 7.30. Soon we were cruising the Cunningham Highway to Jumpers & Jazz with our lights aglow, an awesome sight from where I was up front.

We arrived in Warwick at about 9.15, luckily most of the vintage cars had left the park by then, as I had organised the club to be last in the street display. We were there about 15 minutes, given our instructions and were on our way. I noticed Shane’s HX still parked with the bonnet up. There were a few helping out, so we kept going, Shane was eventually able to start his car and participate in the day.

Michele and I put decided to find a bakery and coffee shop, I think everyone had the same idea, as most places were packed. The macadamia and caramel slice was yummy, but the indulgence made my blood sugar go up quite a bit. We took in the music and admired the trees wearing jumpers, some of our members - Claude and Karen, Bob and Narelle, Jack and Sheila had their cars wrapped in jumpers as well. Claude helped one of the entertainers with an electrical problem, he seems to be involved in everything.

We started thinking about lunch at 11.30 and walked along behind Craig Keene, but lost him along the way. Our group ended up at the Criterion Hotel, just down from the clock tower. We had a great time and the meals were reasonably priced at around $10 a head plus drinks. They had a fire going, which was good for the most part.

After lunch, while discussing the Nationals, I noticed Shane still having trouble, there was plenty of help. Claude was in there too, I remember Michele telling him not to overdue it. Shane had no power at all, I thought it was the neutral safety switch playing up? Later I learned it was a loose negative battery terminal, but with a positive attitude Shane was eventually able to start up, this is just one of the great reasons to be in a club. I noticed on the club Facebook page later that day something about a taxi with a pic of Shane’s Car, I don’t know they do taxis that look that good Adrian? Yes, Claude and Karen were both in their element helping Shane out a great effort. 

I had organised to leave just after 2.00pm, so when the cars in front left we were all ready to go. The idea was to leave together and meet at the Shell at Aratula for fuel. I didn’t need any, but stopped anyway. I hit a huge bitumen mound - probably 8 inches high - when avoiding some road kill. The Monaro was going fine, but I thought there might be some damage. It was a big hit, bottoming out the front passenger wheel at 100 kmh. All was fine, just a loose wheel cover - they built ‘em Tough in those days.

I was passed by plenty of CV8’s on the way home, but made good time arriving home around 4.00pm, exhausted after a great day out.

A great Club day, made great by the members that attended, 26 cars was very impressive indeed. The only way it could have been better would be if there had been more members.

Cheers for now,

Michael Robertson
Outing Organiser

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