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Outings Report

Outings Report

August Club Outing: Cruzetime: Marburg

After a lot of planning and advertising the day was finally upon us. It was another beautiful winters day - perfect for a car show. While we had a small team of members ready to handle the start of the cruise at Munchies, and another small team at the checkpoint in Fernvale, the rest of the club members assembled at the showgrounds in Marburg ready to help with the setup and gate duties.

With a hectic rush of cars arriving at Munchies early the team quickly had them entered and on their way along the observation run route. The checkpoint on the cruise was the Brisbane Valley Tavern in Fernvale and the owners were impressed with the flow of nice cars through there driveway and carpark. At least 3 videos of the cars were posted on their Facebook page that day!

As the cruise entrants arrived at the showgrounds they were given a short quiz to complete based on their ‘observations’ made along the cruise route. After reviewing the many entries and some very funny answers we had four entrants with all the correct answers. One of them was drawn randomly to win the $100 cash prize for the cruise.

Once all cars were parked up on the oval we saw our team of judges, led by Tim Bartrop, doing their thing evaluating all the judged entrants. Music and entertainment was provided by club members Gary and Jenny Summers. Just before the trophy presentations we ran our club challenges which saw some exciting action between car clubs in assembling wheel barrows from scratch, given only a pile of loose parts and no instructions! We also had a round of couples working together assembling wheel barrows and a couple of kids wheel barrow rounds too. All in all it was great fun and really good to see different people from other clubs getting involved.

We wrapped the day up with the trophy presentations. The EH/EJ Club of Queensland took out the $500 cash prize for best participating club on the day, followed closely by the HD/HR Club.

I would like to thank everyone involved on the day, all the club members who attended and contributed in some way to the event and although the car numbers were not quite what we were hoping for we still managed 122 entrants, over 270 spectators, our club cars and members, along with local community groups and businesses with trade stands! The day was a success for both the club and the charities we supported. I would like to also make a special thank you to Jenny Summers who scurried around the crowd with donation tins for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and in less than half an hour collected $158 in donations from the very generous crowd on the day!

Thanks to all and bring on next years event.

Adrian Peacock
Cruzetime Co-Ordinator

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