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Outings Report

Outings Report

April Club Outing: Currumbin Park: Currumbin

We met at 8.00am out the front of the Hyperdome to a bright clear day,
and with about 25 cars in tow we left at 8.30am.

We sat on the Pacific Motorway at about 95km/h, allowing plenty of time for all the people to catch up. After a lovely mostly uneventful drive (Torana with thermostat problems) we arrived at the park.

It was good to see Craig had most of it set up. There wasn’t a lot to do there except relax and talk, some people went fishing with no luck. With lunch being cooked we set up the salads and proceeded to have lunch.

After lunch everyone just sat down and relaxed. My family had to leave early due to doing a Scout BBQ on the same day, but from what I hear it was just a nice relaxing day, and no one really wanted to leave the peaceful spot.

See you at the Barefoot Bowls.

Yours in Cruizin'

Steve McLuckie
Outings Coordinator

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