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Outings Report

Outings Report

June Club Outing: President's Day: Pointscore Round 2: Wivenhoe Dam

Well it’s already the middle of the year, the second Pointscore and President Days as well.

There was a nice gathering of cars at McDonald’s Goodna and the weather was nice and cool to run the older cars. It was great to see Claude and Karen Wright, both have been through the wringer lately, but they showed just how strong and wonderful they are together.

We took off from Goodna at 9.00am, Kaz and Terry bringing up the rear, for a pretty straight through run to Wivenhoe. When we arrived Craig, Peter and Steve were there readying the HJ Monaro cupcakes and the free barbecue lunch as is the norm for Presidents Day.

Craig directed us into the usual parking place, but some of us were so eager to clean our cars for Pointscore the traffic went every which way, so it meant it took some time to park everyone. Andrew Wilson seemed possessed, and just had to have the same spot as last year - his Black Magic is definitely on the improve. Cleaning was soon underway, when I noticed Claude on the ground at the back of his HG after locking his keys in.

We all rallied with tools and lights and soon reunited Claude with his keys. Everyone seemed keen to get the Pointscore out of the way, as we had 26 Cars being scored and 32 cars in all.

Some rotary Madzas showed up later on and we admired each other’s cars - as enthusiasts do. Something different I guess.

Everyone chipped in with morning tea from home, Michele made Pumpkin and Lemonade Scones with cream and strawberry jam. It was great, and maybe something we should do more often. My daughter Jessica came along too, it doesn’t happen often now that she has moved out of home, so it was a special day for Michele and I.

After we mingled and had a walk around it was lunch time. Craig and his crew operated like a well-oiled machine, putting on a great spread as usual, which helps make for a great day out - so thank you.

Once lunch was finished we gathered near the rotunda where Craig, Claude, Shane and Leanne spoke about the year so far, and announced Adrian Peacock as Presidents Choice - it’s well deserved for his tireless work with his committee organising Cruzetime.

It was a great day out with friends, it was the second Pointscore, but it wasn’t about that for most people, it was about somewhere nice to go with the club. There is no more of a truth than this I think, the club is only as good as the effort we all put into it.

I look forward to seeing as many members that can make the Jumpers and Jazz Run to Warwick in July, it’ll be an early start from Goodna McDonald’s, leaving around 7.00am. For more details please check the club magazine or the club website.                      

Remember August is just around the corner, with Cruzetime coming up very soon, we as members need to think about our club going forward and what we can do to make a difference.

Cheers for now,

Michael Robertson
Outing Organiser

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