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Outings Report

Outings Report

October Club Outing: Support The Farmers Event

This event evolved from the culmination of an idea to host a social gathering with Monaro Club members, along with a desire to help those within our community in need. The plight of the Farmers experiencing hardship due to the ongoing drought has been widely publicised in recent months. However, it was also comments made by fellow club member, Robyn Aspden, who expressed her heartbreak of seeing the suffering of livestock and wildlife, as she drove out country that helped shape the decision to go ahead with fund raising to support the farmers.

Eighteen lovely Holden Cars graced and adorned our back yard, Sunday the 21st, including classic and late model Monaro’s, Torana’s and Craig’s beautiful 57 Chev. A great time was had by all, with everyone enjoying great company, wonderful entertainment (Thanks to Bailey for playing his guitar – Fabulous!) and yummy food. There was opportunity for everyone to connect, catch up and socialise together, along with admiring everyone’s cars. Most of all, however, because of everyone’s kindness and generosity on the day, monies raised enabled $820.00 to be donation between the, QCWA and Aussie Helpers Charity For Farmers. (Thanks to Terry and Cameron for their input here!)

A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who came along on the day, giving their support. It is because of you all, that this was possible to donate these funds to the Farmers.

Special consideration and appreciation to:

  • Those who helped out on the day - Craig, Peter, James K, Robyn, Pixie, Vicki, Harrison, Bailey, Peter K, Marilyn and Denise.
  • Generous and Kind Donations (Raffles and Prizes) - Malcolm and Marilyn Kennedy: Metal Hose Reel. Tammy James: Delicious Cupcakes
  • Top Entertainment: Bailey James
  • Contribution Sweet Treats : Donna Turnball and Judy Lonergran
  • Bob and Narelle who made a donation in advance, but couldn’t make the day.
  • Last, but not least, my husband John for all his help, support in allowing me to host these events. (My apologies if I have missed anyone, who helped on the day)

A great day, but with oncoming rain and storms, it ended pretty quickly with everyone getting home, to beat the rain and hail.

Linda and John Gladstone
Outings Coordinators

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