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Outings Report

Outings Report

November Club Outing: Ed Parker Park: Kingscliff

The day started with us meeting at the Logan Hyperdome for the run south down the M1 to Kingscliff. It was a great Queensland day - full of sunshine.

By 8.30am we had approximatley 18 cars on hand and ready to cruise. Unfortunately Ken and Jenny had to head for home due to clutch problems.

We had a great run down, with not too much traffic to contend with. Heading into the park at Kingscliff we found our usual spot where we set up camp. With the coffee brewing, a few of us set about readying the BBQ etc.

A lot of interest was shown in the cars from others visiting the park. With the food ready we all tucked in and sat around for a while, chatting about the year and what’s coming up. With everything packed we headed for home, with a few of us cruising back through Canungra to miss the dreaded M1 Sunday car park.

Linda and I came across Paul on the side of the road with a flat battery. He had a tow truck on its way to get him home. Apart from those few problems with club cars, the day went well, and thanks to those who helped with the cooking and getting the salads and food ready. And, thanks to Peter Kelly for getting the BBQ trailer to Kingscliff, with our normal tow car (Pete) having other things on and unable to make it on the day.

If we don’t talk or see you guys before Christmas, Linda and I wish everyone a safe and happy one, and we look forward to catching up in the new year.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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