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Outings Report

Outings Report

March Club Outing: Picnic Point: Toowoomba

After we had to cancel the run two weeks ago as it was pouring down, this day was perfect to get the cars out of the sheds.

Meeting at Goodna Macca’s, there were 15 cars ready to go. Heading along the Warrego Hwy there were a few other classics out and about. We turned off and drove through Gatton then onto Flagstone Creek road up where we
encountered quite a few Lycra clad push bike riders doing a ride. Not having driven up Flagstone creek road before, we were amazed by the amount of new houses being built (not small houses either) with views that went forever.

Arriving at Picnic Point, we found that all these push bikes were ending their ride there. We headed down behind the café to a spot to set up the BBQ with enough parking for us all. After eating Cupcakes which Tammy James had baked, (thanks Tammy - yummy as always) Gary & Jenny had some family join us for lunch. Also Doug who sold Rod his HQ coupe to him. Doug has owned a HQ coupe for 40 years which is nearly back on the road after a full resto and joined the club on the day, so looking forwards to seeing his in the next few months.

A family of local Kookaburra’s wondered what was going on, but didn’t mind once they were fed.

After packing up, 10 cars headed back the way we came up the mountain to take in the views again. A top day for the cruise with a lot of us enjoying the back way up to Toowoomba. Thanks for those who helped out and if you know of a back road we can take to one of the locations in the future let me know and I will look into it - as sometimes it nice getting off the main Hwy for a change.   

Hope to see you all for the April run to Queens Park Ipswich, where we will be meeting at NAPA Slacks Creek.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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