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Outings Report

Outings Report

October Club Outing: Yatala Drive In: Stapylton

When we arrived at the Beenleigh Tavern carpark Adrian was already there with trailer in tow. As it turned out he was not joining us, just passing through. Another visitor we did have for the night was Peter Finch, who owns a black CV8Z and lives in Grafton, understandably he left the movie early to head home.

Slowly people started to arrive but for some reason, as usual, night run attendance just doesn’t seem to be very high. We were waiting for John to arrive and then found out he wasn’t going to join us, so we headed for our short drive down the road to the drive-in. All in all we had a grand total of 8 cars in attendance and 17 people.

We all arrived, paid the rather exy price to enter, and found our possies for the night. You now pay per person, not by the car load like back in the day. But hang on - WHERE’S CAMERON? Don’t worry he’s called RACQ as he has run out of fuel just inside the main gate, just so everyone could drive past and say hello to his Monaro.

With Cameron re-fuelled and rejoining the group, we all got comfortable and watched the movie ‘The Martian’. Luckily it didn’t rain this time, and I don’t think anyone fell asleep. It was a bit of a slow movie, but once you start watching you need to see what happens in the end. There seemed to be lots of laughs and action in the Peter Pan movie behind us, ours was more like a silent movie, but it was a night out nonetheless. 

Until the Christmas Party at Kingscliffe - enjoy your weekends..

Leanne McLuckie
Treasurer/Run Participant

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