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Outings Report

Outings Report

July Club Outing: Presidents Day: Wivenhoe Dam

When we arived at Goodna McDonalds at 8 o’clock, there was already a dozen cars waiting to go to President’s Day. By 8.30am we had 35 cars ready to go.

Heading down the Ipswich Motorway at a steady 80km/hwe were following an old vintage car for the first 10 kilometres, which gave everyone the opportunity to catch up. Heading up the Warrego Highway we used the new overpass to get to Wivenhoe Dam, making it a lot safer than years past. It was a nice warm day for winter and everything was set up, the tea, coffee and cakes were ready. Everyone was impressed with Tammy’s cakes again as they had pictures of some of our club cars on them. A very nice touch!

We all had a walk around, having a chat and looking at the cars. Adrian has a challenge set for Cruzetime for a competition of who can put together a wheelbarrow the quickest, so Gary Summers and myself gave it a good crack, with everyone putting in their 2 cents worth. There was even a bolt missing at the end, and it took around 14 minutes to complete the task.

Lunch was next on the menu, getting a couple of new cooks helping out with the duties. With the lunch out of the way it was time for the trophy presentation with some good looking trophies handed out. After the trophy presentation people started to leave. In all it was a good and relaxing day.

See you all at Cruzetime to help.

Yours in Cruizin'

Steve McLuckie
Outings Coordinator

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