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Outings Report

Outings Report

July Club Outing: Jumpers & Jazz Festival: Warwick

What a top weekend at Jumpers & Jazz! Three cars went out on Friday, two on Saturday, and another seven made their way out on Sunday morning for the day.

We arrived in Warwick late on Saturday morning meeting, the four other cars at the Buckaroo motel. A guy who Craig knows (Phil) lives out there had arranged a car show at the local Salvo’s. We all cruised with about 60 to 80 local cars, with a great variety of makes and models. Phil then asked us all around to his place for a BBQ, which turned out to be a really good night with plenty of food and car chat.

Sunday was the car show on Warwick’s main street, so after bacon and eggs in the morning - I think we woke the other motel guests up after starting our cars, a lot of them peering out windows and doors - we headed off to the scrutineering point where we waited for the seven cars heading up from Brisbane for the day.

We cruised down main street where more than 100 cars and bikes showed up for the display. Everyone enjoyed looking around the town at what the people of Warwick had to offer, and all they had done to make the event something special.

By mid arvo we were packed up and allowed to leave, with the seven cars back on the road to Brisbane, while the rest of us headed back to the motel. After a feed cooked up by the motel owners, Phil and his wife joined us, as we rugged up and sat around chatting.

The following morning the five cars that had stayed all weekend cruised back towards Brisbane.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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