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Outings Report

Outings Report

November Club Outing: Kids Christmas Party: Putt Putt: Mermaid Beach

Well what can I say… It started off hot, but by the time we got there we had a coastal breeze and most of the heat had gone. Just as well we didn’t have it earlier in the day.

We arrived at the Beenleigh Tavern around 2.00pm, meeting up with the trusty few that were not too scared to go on a late afternoon to night run. (Cars don’t turn into pumpkins after dark, funnily enough). Leaving about 2:30pm we headed south, there were no real problems getting there, except the usual traffic on Broadbeach Road and a whistling noise coming out of the Statesman. (It turned out we just needed to retension some manifold bolts).

On arrival we met up with the security guard who was to keep an eye on things. With a quick set up of the BBQ area set aside for us we proceeded to cook and play mini golf. Always lots of laughs are had with this game, and some challenging play was going on. It was lots of fun even for the kids. After the usual fantastic BBQ Santa’s helpers came out to drop off some presents for the kids. Then it was back to the mini golf which finished around 8.00pm.

The security guard would have to be congratulated for keeping all our cars safe and he received a lot of positive comments from members on his professional manner and job well done.

Then we all started to head for home. Thanks to all the people that turned up, I hope you had a good get together.

See ya at the next outing!

Steve McLuckie
Outings Coordinator

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